A B O U T    U S            
Once you are at Underground Station U4/13a Pilgramgasse, no music lover should miss a visit to Rave Up. Only a set of traffic lights separates you from discovering a vital part of musical history.
Rave Up Records - Room 1
As soon as you enter the front part of the shop, you are bound to find your favourite music. The latest in Vinyl consists of Indie - 60‘s & 70‘s releases - Hip Hop - Trip Hop - Experiment/Electronic - Techno and House.

In the middle of the room there is a free standing CD rack, one side full of Viennese - and International Electronic, the other with Hip Hop and Trip Hop. You will find yourself surrounded by a wealth of "black gold", categorised to the finest detail, which you will not be able to pass by. The best of Indie music of the last few years, alphabetically sorted. Industrial, Japan Noise, Ambient and many labels.

Rave Up Records - Room 2
The second part of the shop is famous for its variety in Indie CDs. New releases are sorted at comfortable eye level. But even here you cannot get away from the Vinyl. Well sorted Ragga/Reggae Stock and Electronic, all varieties: Kraftwerk to Pan Sonic. Further offers: Easy Listening, Soundtracks, 60‘s, 70‘s Rock, as well as Funk/Soul/Jazz - from Funkadelic to new Compilations and Re-releases. Two turntables and two CD-Players are at the customer‘s disposal.

This vast selection of music attracts the flower of the Viennese record buying public, including young DJs and mature Rockfans, or it could happen that a lover of abstract electronic discovers a sentimental attraction to Blumfeld.

Many customers found LP's and CD's, that they could not find anywhere else. Our search (find) and order service, as well as our rarities is ever increasing in popularity.

Rave Up Records - Room 2
RAVE UP‘s personnel are pleased to help and advise you. Each of them is a specialist in his own field and has an excellent general knowledge. RAVE UP‘s aims is to select the most important and sought after items from the flood of new releases and to concentrate on the quality of interesting (perhaps fairly unknown) bands, labels and producers.

Naturally the shop has changed in the last 20 years. The re-emergence of electronic music, the development of new labels, changes in the Indie Sector - it is all reflected in RAVE UP. Developments are enthusiastically discussed. Many join in and express their opinion.

RAVE UP is more than a shop - it is a place where people socialise